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Why take photographs?

I started taking photos as a teenager, it was a way to interact with people and break the ice. I also found my memory was excellent when it came to anything technical, but appalling when it came to experiences, so my camera became a way of tracking my past. 

I knew my memories were imperfect, but I soon realised that the images that most reflected experiencing a moment, were not necessarily those that were most perfect, or all encompassing, but those that made me feel that way again.

Instead in was the imperfect images, the flash of a smile, the suggestion of a movement, or a single detail in focus in a busy scene. I look for these in every photo, and strive to take beautiful photos of the ordinary, made extraordinary. 

why Leica Cameras?

I've always been drawn to the look of a classic Leica rangefinder. The Leica M3 was my dream camera for many years. Once I actually got my first Leica, an M2 from 1959, I fell in love with the rangefinder focusing system and the compact, brilliant lenses. I sold all my Canon equipment and moved over to Leica Digital with an M8, then an M9. 

To this day, the Leica M9 is my ideal camera, I've shot 10s of thousands of frame with it and find myself only keen for new lenses, but never a new body. it's not the perfect camera for everything, and there are most certainly more advanced digitals out there, and scenarios it might not be suitable for, but as an extension of myself, there's nothing I'm more in tune with.

What gear does Cris use?

Leica M9 - Digital Rangefinder, Full Frame

Leica M2 - 35mm Film Rangefinder, Full Frame

Leica R8 - 35mm Film SLR, Full Frame.

Zeiss ZM 50/2 Planar - Normal lens

Zeiss ZM 25/2.8 Biogon - Wide lens

Voigtlander 35/1.4 Nokton - Wide lens

Leica 50/2 Sumitar - Normal lens

Leica 35-70/4 Vario Elmar R - Zoom lens

Is this cris's day job?

For 5 years, Cris was a full time freelance photographer, specialising in events and lifestyle. 

Currently Cris has a day job as a manager for an electric motorbike company, ETT Industries, a wonderful position he just couldn't pass up, and one that is full time..

However, photography is in his blood, and meeting people, so he can take their photo, is something he still enjoys greatly. Now freed from the need to maximise his earnings behind the camera, he is able to take on projects that excite him, and continue practicing his art.

If you have a project in mind, why not drop Cris a line?